Dr. Tague lecture at the Global Institute for water Security, U. of Saskatchewan

Naomi Tague was invited to present “Forest eco-hydrology and drought: Why geology matters!” at the University of Saskatchewan’s Global Institute for Water Security as part of their “Breakthroughs in Water Security Research: The Global Institute for Water Security Distinguished Lecture Series”. This is a weekly seminar series that brings top water researches from around theContinue reading “Dr. Tague lecture at the Global Institute for water Security, U. of Saskatchewan”

Publication: Snow and the Sierra’s

RHESSys was used in two Sierra Nevada study catchments to simulate how future warming could affect the relationship between winter snowpacks and summer low flows. The influences of groundwater storage, snowmelt, evapotranspiration rates, and precipitation phase (snow vs rain) on catchment response to warming are considered. The research was published in Hydrological Processes in theContinue reading “Publication: Snow and the Sierra’s”

BHS Presentation – Challenging hydrological theory and practice

Dr. Naomi Tague was a keynote speaker at the 12th British Hydrological Society National Symposium, held September 2-4 at the University of Birmingham, England. The theme of this years symposium was Challenging hydrological theory and practice. Dr. Tague presented “Consequences of warming temperatures and shifts in precipitation regimes for snow-dominated mountain systems”. In a duoContinue reading “BHS Presentation – Challenging hydrological theory and practice”

Open Science Codefest

The Open Science Codefest is a participant driven, free conference that intersects environmental science and computer programming. Earth & environmental science researchers will collaborate with computer scientists to explore problems and solutions where these disciplines intersect. Sessions include: Techniques & Technologies for Visualizing Scientific Data, Techniques for adding semantics to your metadata, Create a nativeContinue reading “Open Science Codefest”

Sierra site and sampling design

In last weeks Wednesday lab meeting, geography postdoc Sara Baguskas discussed site and sampling design with our lab group. Sara is working on a project with Max Moritz and Naomi Tague to understand the effects of vegetation type conversion on ecohydrology in the southern Sierra mid-elevation forested ecosystem. The project will compare the physiological responsesContinue reading “Sierra site and sampling design”

New Publication!

“BioEarth: Envisioning and developing a new regional earth system model to inform natural and agricultural resource management”. This paper describes the BioEarth initiative and highlights opportunities and challenges associated with coupling multiple stand-alone models (including RHESSys) to generate usable information for agricultural and natural resource decision-making Access the paper