Bart_Ryan2Ryan Niemeyer

Post-Doctorate Researcher

I am a USDA NIFA postdoctoral researcher. I study the impacts of forest thinning in the dry forests of the Pacific Northwest on streamflow and tree-drought resilience. I am specifically focusing on dry forests in the eastern Cascades of WA and the Idaho panhandle. My research includes both simulating tree thinning with RHESSys and working directly with forest owners and managers to learn about and apply forest thinning strategies. My PhD at University of Idaho included an IGERT wherein I was part of an interdisciplinary research team focused on social-ecological issues in the sagebrush steppe of southern Idaho. I am leveraging these interdisciplinary skills in the current project by conducting workshops with forest owners in these rural communities to develop realistic forest-thinning strategies to implement in the computer model. The results of these simulations will be communicated to these same forest owners as well as with forest owners and managers across the region.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in eastern Washington in the midst of some of the same dry forests I may simulate. I live in western Washington with my wife and two kids and enjoy hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Example of Published Work: Niemeyer, R. J., Link, T. E., Seyfried, M. S., & Flerchinger, G. N. (2016). Surface water input from snowmelt and rain throughfall in western juniper: potential impacts of climate change and shifts in semi‐arid vegetation. Hydrological Processes, 30(17), 3046-3060
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