Watershed Science Masterclass

Naomi Tague was part of a team with Jeff McDonnell (University of Saskatchewan), Peter Troch (University of Arizona), and Richard Hooper (executive directory of CUAHSU), who taught this week-long course focusing on hydrologic and biogeochemical watershed processes, including theory, experimental design, and modeling.

Dr. Tague taught about cutting edge concepts in hydrologic modeling, including innovative ways of linking new measurements (isotopes, remote sensing) with models, ways of accounting for uncertainty in models – and computer science based tools that support community model development.

The course was held at Biosphere2, which includes the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) where three huge model hillslopes are constructed inside an environmentally controlled greenhouse facility. Students had the opportunity to run an experiment with LEO, including doing some cool experiments (adding rain and really tracking how the water moves) and analyzing data collected from hillsope experiments.

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For more photos, see the album on our facebook page
Landscape Evolution Observatory

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