In our Wednesday lab meeting, Julian Glenday presented her PhD research to the group. Julia is researching the implications of hillslope vegetation, alluvial fan, and floodplain channel degradation and restoration on streamflow and groundwater. Her case-study site is a semi-arid water supply catchment in the Eastern Cape of South Africa (the Baviaanskloof). Through field monitoring and modeling, she is looking at the relative impacts of changes occurring at different landscape positions in the watershed, the buffering effects of alluvial fans and floodplains, and the combined effects of both loss of vegetation cover and incision of channels. The results of her work will be relevant to restoration planning and assessing potential benefits of restoration on groundwater and surface water supply.

Julia collecting data in a groundwater pit used to pump water supplies on the farms

Julia Glenday (Bren School, UCSB), left, and Rebecca Joubert (Rhodes University, South Africa), right, taking manual streamflow measurements of the Baviaanskloof River, South Africa