RHESSys representation at AGU 2014

Presentations and posters at the Fall AGU 2014 meeting that used RHESSys in their research:

H54D-06RHESSys-WMFire: coupling wildfire to hydrology and vegetation to project the effects of climate change on mountain watersheds.
B53E-0226Studying dissolved organic carbon export from the Penobscot Watershed in to Gulf of Maine using Regional Hydro-Ecological Simulation System (RHESSys)
H53J-03Upscaling a catchment-scale ecohydrology model for regional-scale earth system modeling
H41D-0849Coupled Dynamic Modeling to Assess Human Impact on Watershed Hydrology
B41K-0206Assessing Phenological Controls on Carbon and Water Fluxes Using a Process-based Ecohydrological Model Incorporating Field Observations and Remote Sensing Data
H13H-1213Designing Green Stormwater Infrastructure for Hydrologic and Human Benefits: An Image Based Machine Learning Approach
H31G-0697Eco-hydrologic Modeling of Rangelands: Evaluating a New Carbon Allocation Approach and Simulating Ecosystem Response to Changing Climate and Management Conditions
H33L-07Seasonal and multi-year ecohydrologic responses to forest thinning
H41D-0850Interactions of Landowners′ Land Use Decisions with Flood and Water Quality
H43J-1093Integrated snow and hydrology modeling for climate change impact assessment in Oregon Cascades
H53E-0903Impacts of climate and land use change on future water resources in the Yadkin River Basin, North Carolina
H53E-0908Potential Hydrological Responses, and Carbon and Nitrogen Pools of a Two Distinct Watersheds to Rainfall and Brush Management
H53I-03Linking geology, climate and disturbance response in California mountain environments
GC33E-0577Integrating pH, substrate, and plant regrowth effects on soil nitrogen cycling after fire
H31G-0690Potential effects of tree-to-shrub type conversion on streamflow in California’s Sierra Nevada
H51D-0634Modeling Nitrate Exporting Patterns during Storm Events for a Semi-arid Mountain Watershed
H51D-0643Sensitivity of Hydrologic Partitioning to Snowpack Dynamics, Como Creek, CO

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