Tague presentation at AI4ESP workshop

Last week Naomi Tague presented “How Big Data and Machine Learning Can Complement Process-based Ecohydrology Models” at the Artificial Intelligence for Earth System Predictability (AI4ESP) workshop.

The AI4ESP initiative is a collaboration between DOE management and laboratories to understand the paradigm shift required to enable AI across the MODEX enterprise, in part by determining the most impactful applications along the observation-modeling continuum.

156 White Papers were solicited for the development and application of AI methods in areas relevant to EESSD research, with an emphasis on quantifying and improving Earth system predictability, particularly related to the integrative water cycle and extreme events. Submitted white papers were used to inform the design of three sequential workshops (conducted in 2021-2022) focused on answering the question:

How can DOE directly leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to engineer a substantial (paradigm-changing) improvement in Earth System Predictability?

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