Don’t miss these AGU 2022 presentations!

Tague Team Lab and Friends of the Lab:Naomi Tague Invited presentation – Snow and Forest in the Western US – Does ecophysiology matter? H16F-05 (1089369), Monday 3:25 – 3:35, E258 (Lakeside, Level 2) Chris Heckman poster – An Alternative Hydrologic Hypothesis as to why Taller Trees Commonly Experience Greater Drought StressH12A-45, Monday 7:00 – 10:30,Continue reading “Don’t miss these AGU 2022 presentations!”

Summer Wildfire Seminar

Naomi Tague and fellow UCSB professors Andrew Plantinga and Sarah Anderson, as well as Max Moritz of UC Berkeley and Maureen Kennedy of the University of Washington taught a summer seminar at UCSB earlier this month on managing wildfire. The SERI Fire hosted program provided a taste of interdisciplinary research through lectures on wildfire management,Continue reading “Summer Wildfire Seminar”

CZO Meeting

Dr. Naomi Tague and post-doc Ryan Bart attended the annual Southern Sierra CZO meeting in Fresno August 4-6 to discuss current research and future project development. Ryan is currently researching/modeling the effects of vegetation conversion from trees to shrubs in the rain-snow transition zone on streamflow in the Providence Creek headwater catchments. Southern Sierra CZO