RHESSys was one of the models used in this new paper to estimate hydrologic and biogeochemical responses to meteorological data sets generated both with and without bias correction. The impact models include a macroscale hydrologic model (VIC), a coupled cropping system model (VIC-CropSyst), an ecohydrological model (RHESSys), a biogenic emissions model (MEGAN), and a nutrient export model (Global-NEWS).

What is the importance of climate model bias when projecting the impacts of climate change on land surface processes?
Liu, M., Rajagopalan, K., Chung, S. H., Jiang, X., Harrison, J., Nergui, T., Guenther, A., Miller, C., Reyes, J., Tague, C., Choate, J., Salathé, E. P., Stöckle, C. O., and Adam, J. C.: , Biogeosciences, 11, 2601-2622, doi:10.5194/bg-11-2601-2014, 2014.