Naomi Tague was a collaborator with others on a new publication in Nature Climate Change that reviews how climate change alters key processes in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems related to nitrogen cycling and availability, and the response of ecosystems to nitrogen addition in terms of carbon cycling, acidification and biodiversity.

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T. L. Greaver, C. M. Clark, J. E. Compton, D. Vallano, A. F. Talhelm, C. P. Weaver, L. E. Band, J. S. Baron, E. A. Davidson, C. L. Tague, E. Felker-Quinn, J. A. Lynch, J. D. Herrick, L. Liu, C. L. Goodale, K. J. Novak and R. A. Haeuber (2016) Key ecological responses to nitrogen are altered by climate change, Nature Climate Change vol. 6,DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE3088