Plant response to changes in subsurface water – new publication

The research in this new publication enhances understanding of deep subsurface water storage across landscapes and identifies key remaining challenges in predicting and managing response to climate and land use change in mountain ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada and in other Mediterranean climates worldwide.

Klos, P.Z., Goulden, M.L., Riebe, C.S., Tague, C.L., O’Geen, A.T., Flinchum, B.A., Safeeq, M., Conklin, M.H., Hart, S.C., Berhe, A.A., Hartsough, P.C., Holbrook, W.S., Bales, R.C. (2018) Subsurface plant-accessible water in mountain ecosystems with a Mediterranean climate, WIREs Water 5(3):e1277.

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