How much stress is to much?

Naomi Tague was invited to lead a session at the International Symposium – BOUNDAR​Y SPANNING: Advances in Socio-Environmental Systems Research – put on by The ​National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF), Resources for the Future (RFF), and University of Maryland (UMD) this week in Annapolis, Maryland. Naomi brought togetherContinue reading “How much stress is to much?”

Tague an instructor in CUAHSI’s fall 17 virtual university

Dr. Naomi Tague taught the module ‘Hydrologic Modeling for Hypothesis Generation and Scenario Development: Tools in R’ as part of the CUAHSI VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY SPECIAL TOPICS IN HYDROLOGY: CUAHSI SPECIALIZED ONLINE HYDROLOGY COURSES during the Fall of 2017. Touching the Void: Hydrology community bands together to launch first multi-university graduate course CUAHSI partnered with six universitiesContinue reading “Tague an instructor in CUAHSI’s fall 17 virtual university”

Lab members talk about water issues

Naomi Tague took part as a faculty panel member at the “Lets Talk About Water” event last week, organized by Tague Team Lab members Ty Brandt and Kate Voss, who also gave flash talks of their research, along with lab member Chris Heckman. This campus and community wide water event, co-funded by CUASHI, ERI, andContinue reading “Lab members talk about water issues”

Lab members present at Fire Prediction Conference

Last week, Tague Team Lab members Erin Hanan and Ryan Bart presented their research at the 2017 Conference on Fire Prediction Across Scales, a Columbia University Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate event. Bart’s presentation: Development of a coupled model for investigating the effects of forest management and climate on wildfire regimes in the westernContinue reading “Lab members present at Fire Prediction Conference”

RHESSys-Fire Presentation

Last month Naomi Tague presented “Forest responses to drought, climate warming and fire – is there a role for density reduction?” at the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología (IPE-CSIC) in Huesca, Spain. She met with researchers to introduce the use of RHESSys-Fire as a tool to investigate the impacts that potential thinning strategies may have onContinue reading “RHESSys-Fire Presentation”

Summer Wildfire Seminar

Naomi Tague and fellow UCSB professors Andrew Plantinga and Sarah Anderson, as well as Max Moritz of UC Berkeley and Maureen Kennedy of the University of Washington taught a summer seminar at UCSB earlier this month on managing wildfire. The SERI Fire hosted program provided a taste of interdisciplinary research through lectures on wildfire management,Continue reading “Summer Wildfire Seminar”

Tague presenting at AGU Chapman Conference

Naomi Tague is presenting “Why subsurface features matter for managing forests, water and fire in the face of increasing drought frequency and severity” today at the AGU Chapman Conference on Extreme Climate Event Impacts on Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycles and Fluxes in San Juan, Puerto Rico.